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About ichroma

The Future: Point-of-Care Tests

The field of diagnostics is trending away from hospitals and laboratories and increasingly toward clinics and medical offices. With its capacity as a complete system, ichromα is a pioneer in the field of point-of-care testing (POCT). With ichromα, your patients no longer have to wait for test results until the next appointment. Every test can be performed in 3 to 15 minutes. ichroma CRP broschure as a PDF (German 3.689 KB) ichroma broschure as a PDF (English 5.358 KB)


ichromα analyzes your samples with laser-induced fluorescence, a highly sensitive method of measurement used in many areas of research to detect atoms and molecules. More about operation…


learn to handle the ichromα in a trice – only a few steps between the sampling and the result. More about usage…


ichromα’s exact technical specifications have been summarized on a separate page. More about the technical data…


ichromα has frequently been scientifically evaluated and is ISO, CE and FDA certified. More about quality…

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