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Quick Results after three minutes. Versatile Tests for over 30 markers Precise as a large laboratory system Simple User-friendly handling
Link to CRP Test CRP test in just 3 minutes

ichromα lets you identify bacterial infections in no time by means of the C-reactive Protein test (CRP)

link to ichroma mode of operation Laser-induced fluorescence

By using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), ichromα provides a highly sensitive method of measurement able to detect concentrations down to the ppm range.

Link to ichroma test modes Over 30 different tests

ichromα offers tests for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, hormonal disorders, infectious diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

CRP Rapid Test - Peace of mind, not wait around Peace of mind, not wait around

With ichromα , offer your patients immediate information and save them the wait.

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