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CRP Rapid Test

The ichroma CRP test assists you in your diagnosis. And in just three minutes.

The pentagonal CRP (C-reactive protein) (more specifically, a “homo-pentamerous” protein – a protein composed of five identical parts), is synthesized in the liver in response to interleukin-6. It reacts faster than the leukocytes and thus belongs to the acute-phase proteins.

Test components

The ichromα CRP test set consists of test cards, an ID chip, capillary collection tubes and detector buffer. The test cards are individually sealed in aluminum bags along with a drying agent. The collection tubes are packed in a plastic bag. The test cards and the detector buffer are packaged and delivered seperately. The buffer must be cooled.

  • The test cards include a test strip containing a control or test line on which monoclonal anti-mouse antibodies and rabbit IgG are immobilized.
  • The detector buffer contains fluorescent anti-CRP (monoclonal murine), fluorescent rabbit IgG, BSA as a stabilizer and sodium azide as a preservative in PBS.
  • The capillary collection tubes are used to collect 10 µl of whole blood or to acquire 10 µl of control serum.

Specimen Collection and Preparation

  • The test can be performed using whole blood (EDTA whole blood, capillary blood) or the ichromα-intended control serum.
  • For venous samples, draw blood using a tube in which EDTA anticoagulant has been added. Other anticoagulants have not been tested and, therefore, should not be used.
  • Whole blood samples should be processed immediately after being drawn.


Here is a short instruction manual for the ichromα CRP test. For further details, refer to the information card on sampling and CRP test administration.

CRP-Testverfahren Piktogramm: Probenentnahme

Step 1: sampling

CRP-Testverfahren Piktogramm: Vermischung von Probe und Detektorösung

Step 2: sample preparation

CRP-Testverfahren Piktogramm: Befüllung des Teststreifens

Step 3: filling the test strip

CRP-Testverfahren Piktogramm: Resultat erscheint am Display

Step 4: analyzing the test strip


The ichromα reader calculates the CRP test results automatically and presents the CRP concentrations in 2.5 – 300 mg/l.

Key Features

  • quantitative test results
  • specimen type: whole blood, serum, plasma
  • sample volume: 10 μl
  • measurable limit: 2.5 mg / l
  • working range: 2.5 – 300 mg / l
  • reference range <10 mg / l
  • high level of precision
  • prolonged stability: 20 months
  • quick results: 3 minutes
  • batch-mode: measurement time of 7 seconds for multiple samples in succession
  • user-friendly: no pipette necessary
  • CRP ID chip is calibrated according to the CRM 470 standard
  • no user-calibration required
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